Stanford professor Roger Noll talks about the primary mechanism that allows professional sports teams to extract massive subsidies from cities and states.
University of Chicago economist Allen Sanderson recounts an instance where an NBA team tried to hire him to argue that the team was actually of no economic value to its host city.
Field of Schemes author Neil DeMause discusses the increasing footprint that cities are handing over to professional sports team owners.
The Nation’s Dave Zirin talks about stadium building as urban planning policy.
Stanford professor Roger Noll explains why owners won’t pay for the full cost of a new stadium themselves.
‘Field Of Schemes’ author Neil DeMause talks about the worst stadium deal ever. I have no idea why the padding on this video is so much larger than the others.
This isn’t exactly a spoiler alert, but you probably don’t want to listen to this until after you’ve watched the film because there is a bit of a surprising reveal. There’s a piece of secretly recorded audio that comes to light about a week out from the election. The entirety of the clip is almost 17 minutes in length. We obviously couldn’t include the entire clip. So the whole thing is available here in its entirety without edits.