Most of the newer smart TVs will have access for Amazon Prime and Vimeo built in. If you have an AppleTV or a Roku there are native apps for Amazon Prime and Vimeo as well. You should be able to access the movie easily through either app. If you are trying to screencast or mirror from a laptop, tablet, or phone, Chromecast and AppleTV should work if both devices are on the same network. Roku doesn't currently support mirroring.

You may have to research your specific device and TV configuration.

Vimeo has a page with supported devices here

If you're using Amazon Fire TV there's a help page here

Chromecast has a help page here

AppleTV has a support page here

Some customers might prefer to connect their device to the TV using an HDMI cable. You'll need to make sure both your TV and your device have an HDMI port. Oh, and that you have an HDMI cable. Consult your documentation or manual.

The movie is currently only available to rent. Amazon does allow independent producers to make their work available for inclusion in Prime streaming but we decided against it. The terms just aren't very favorable. In fact, they're actually pretty lousy. Basically, the way it works out, for every two people that stream the movie, we'd get paid $0.18.

Similar to the above, this is mostly a function of Amazon's terms of service. It's great that there a variety of ways for people to get their works to consumers that aren't dependent on old distribution networks. But different platforms offer different revenue splits. The way Vimeo works out, it costs you less to rent and we actually make more from each transaction. We decided to make it available on Amazon as well because of its ubiquity and the ease of use for most people. Choose whichever platform you prefer, we're just excited for people to watch our movie.

Not currently. We're only offering it for rental for the time being. We hope the rental time window of 72 hours is sufficient for people to complete the film.

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